Alera National Conference 2021, Melbourne, Australia, 15th & 16th October 2021 

ALERA National Conference 2020, Melbourne, 16th to 17th October

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Due to the unpredictable nature of COVID-19 and continuing lockdowns, ALERA is offering you a virtual Conference!


Conference Theme: What will be the Future of Employment Relations & Work? 

Sustainability, Productivity & Inclusion in an age of Artificial Intelligence, Digitization & the Gig Economy after COVID-19.  Conference Program CLICK HERE

This year’s ALERA Conference program is designed to attract a wider audience and get the most out of the options that come with a virtual format. A virtual Conference will give ALERA members and anyone else interested a valuable opportunity to participate in the national conference.


Live-Streamed Presentations

We will have live-streamed presentations. Further information will be provided to delegates with details on how to log on.

Conference Committee - Click HERE

To become a member of one of the constituent bodies of Australian Labour and Employment Relations Association (ALERA) or for more information about them, click HERE

Why attend this Virtual Conference?

There are important issues to discuss, not least those accentuated by the pandemic.

What will be the future of employment relations, work and the gig economy?

How might we change IR to facilitate more sustainability, productivity and inclusion?

What are the implications of artificial intelligence and digitization during after the pandemic?

The virtual conference program offers sessions and activities at your fingertips, including virtual networking.

The virtual Conference will offer most of the traditional ALERA Conference components at a reduced cost. No travel or other costs make the ALERA Conference more affordable than in person conferences.

Conference Speakers

  • Sharan Burrow
    Sharan Burrow
  • Jim Stanford
    Jim Stanford
  • Frances Anderson
    Frances Anderson
  • Stephen Smith
    Stephen Smith
  • Sandra Parker
    Sandra Parker
  • Hon Justice Iain Ross
    Hon Justice Iain Ross
  • Sally McManus
    Sally McManus
  • Hon Tony Bourke
    Hon Tony Bourke
  • Alison Pennington
    Alison Pennington
  • Greg Vines
    Greg Vines
  • Paula McDonald
    Paula McDonald
  • Andrew Stewart
    Andrew Stewart
  • Katrina Harper-Greenwell
    Katrina Harper-Greenwell
  • Anna Booth
    Anna Booth
  • Hon Michaela Cash
    Hon Michaela Cash
  • Noelene Salmon
    Noelene Salmon
Sharan Burrow
Sharan Burrow

Why attend this Virtual Conference?

Due to COVID-19, it's been too long since we have shone the spotlight on ALERA

    The virtual conference program offers sessions and activities at your fingertips

      The virtual conference will offer most of the traditional ALERA Conference components at a reduced cost

        No travel or hotel costs make the ALERA Conference affordable for all



        Journal of Industrial Relations


        Lander & Rogers

        The Workplace Collective



        Workplace Express

        Workplace Wizards